Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dragon Park

Breaking, breaking, wondering if it will shatter

Holding on by a thread that seems in tatters

Each day seems to bring new heartache

Longsuffering, not letting go for her own sake

A mystery is the best laid course

Ride in like the savior on the white horse

Save the day, redeem the forgotten girl

My plans slowly, painfully unfurl

Slay the dragon surrounding my princess

My sword has no direction so aimless

Unable to slay what I cannot see

My princess, inside herself so lonely

Sword in my hand

Ready to take my stand

My sword and my heart seem to fail

My stance seems in comparison too frail

Yet, I will somehow hold on through the perilous night

Until the day brings hope and shines its light

I will slay the enemy that holds her in distress

Save the hostage, free the princess

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