Friday, April 16, 2010

Basket Case

Pitiful and dejected

Broken and rejected

Sad, twisted, unapproachable

Lost, wounded thoroughly reproachable

Spent, wasted, goals univested

Tossed and turned by life, unrested

Basket case without seen hope

Hanging on by a tattered thin rope

In this pitiful human condition

I find God's symphony a beautiful rendition

Bittersweet and aching heart open to God's plan

On my knees, my heart to Him I remand

He sees a perfect child, a sweet testimony

I see myself unworthy, unholy, a phony

Images of myself meet His perfect will

Slowly all of my emptiness he gently does fill

Basket case

With perfect seen hope in above

Hanging on

By the glorious promise of His love

1 comment:

  1. I was laughing at your 'self-doubt' cartoon and then was blind-sided into tears by your poem. May I use it in ministry at the Women's Prison next weekend? Better yet, may I have permission to print copies for the ladies there? (Would be about 45 copies.)

    DeAnn Hilmoe (