Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love is Mine

Love is odd
Beautiful yet full of pain
Can fill you with joy
Then crush you
Love is hope
It is waiting
Seeking, finding moving
It slows time
Then speeds in fast forward
Slow motion pain
Roller coaster fast, rushes you forward
It seems to hinder ability to think
Keeps guessing... guessing
Love is complex
An array of emotion
Not one set feeling
Not even one set time
Quickly builds up
Then slowly eats away
Love is HARD
So easy to fall in love
Baby's first kick or first cry
Brings full on love
Then noun becomes verb
When love becomes action
Child who needs... love
Mother who LOVES... child
Give the love
Each moment in passing time
Love is HARD
Complex, it drives
Complex, it is unthinking
Renders thoughtless
Or selfish thought
It fills with care
To the one it loves
The one I love
The child held in mothers arms
The child held at arms lenghth
A mother who wants to hold once again
A love that holds on and on
To a child that yearns
Then struggles
Love is struggle
Love is hard
Love is mine
Love is mine
Love is mine for you