Friday, April 16, 2010

114 Days Part III

How strange that I so lowly, so full of madness

That I may be used to serve a king?

A Savior who can turn sorrow to gladness

And heal my broken heart and make me sing

He fills the silence with sounds of praise

He waits

And loves me through time's ordained days

How many days have I yet for a time of living?

I know not of time but of this mission of giving

When all grief is put rightly in its remission

Every tear is wiped away

When ninety-one years is seemed to a day

And God's servant in 114 days fulfilled a lifetime mission

Is knowledge that humbles my weakened position

I hold on tightly to the promise of His love

And hope in faith of a reuniting above

Hold on in pain through life's bitter curves thrown

Wait for the promise of a life of seeds sown

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