Thursday, April 15, 2010

114 days Part II

One hundred and fourteen days

Of blessings abound

Ninety-one years

Silence is a deafening sound

No more baby crying

Death rattle haunts as a sound of dying

The quiet and dark absence of sounds

Brings fear in the storm moves my soul like thunder

And crashes like cymbals so sharply resounds

Earth vessels have been taken asunder

Human pain grips us and binds

It is in this time that God's love finds

And gives us strength to see through the rain

Wipes our tears and eases our pain

I am dark and withdrawn

Yet God is light and a melody to my song

A time of despair, a season of grief

Left with God's truth, my sole remaining belief

I shudder, I weep and this too shall pass

For only what's done for Christ will last

1 comment:

  1. Wow -- Only what's done for Christ will last. How powerful this is... And I'm not just saying that - you are so gifted, thank you for sharing your gift. To share one's gift even in their pain is so profound.