Monday, October 10, 2011

Random dancing

Why have bread when you can have a schadenfreude

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love is Mine

Love is odd
Beautiful yet full of pain
Can fill you with joy
Then crush you
Love is hope
It is waiting
Seeking, finding moving
It slows time
Then speeds in fast forward
Slow motion pain
Roller coaster fast, rushes you forward
It seems to hinder ability to think
Keeps guessing... guessing
Love is complex
An array of emotion
Not one set feeling
Not even one set time
Quickly builds up
Then slowly eats away
Love is HARD
So easy to fall in love
Baby's first kick or first cry
Brings full on love
Then noun becomes verb
When love becomes action
Child who needs... love
Mother who LOVES... child
Give the love
Each moment in passing time
Love is HARD
Complex, it drives
Complex, it is unthinking
Renders thoughtless
Or selfish thought
It fills with care
To the one it loves
The one I love
The child held in mothers arms
The child held at arms lenghth
A mother who wants to hold once again
A love that holds on and on
To a child that yearns
Then struggles
Love is struggle
Love is hard
Love is mine
Love is mine
Love is mine for you

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A prayer to a King

In all things Pray without ceasing

Hoping, waiting for God to hear my prayers

Giving to God each day my cares

What is there to do but wait?

When each day I seem unable to control my fate

Here Am I Lord, your servant in distress

Trying to pick up the pieces of this mess

What am I to do but wait on His wing?

When all is falling apart, His praises I still sing

All is lost and all is gained

Heart is still beating yet pained

What is this life for whom am I living?

For each pain His grace is giving

Feeling overwhelmed and so stressed

Knowing I am sheltered and blessed

This is how life goes sometimes

Created spotless life begrimes

Bruised but not broken

For me He has spoken

He holds me dear in His heart

No struggle in life can keep us apart

I know He holds my hand as I walk

Hears my prayers before I can talk

Holds me in His highest esteem

Cleanses me spotless restores my gleam

He keeps me through the struggles in life

Finds the joy that keeps me through the strife

Praise to a Savior, Praise to the King

In struggles and pain His praises I will still sing


Sunday, April 25, 2010


More pain creeps in her life,such distress
Only to help her I am lacking I confess
Time heals old wounds but brings in the new
Hurt is a dark tunnel to travel through
Everytime she hurts, my beautiful mother
Ready I stand to love her, she is a soul like none other

I hold her in my heart like a yellow rose
Lovely and gold, through her hardship she still glows
Oh to heal her hearts pain
Vessel of God, shining through the rain

Even in hardship He makes hearts sing
Yes, my mother is entrusted to a King
Oh, this suffering, if only to wipe it away for evermore

Under the depths, as low as the ocean floor

Isn't that what Love is for?

Dragon Park

Breaking, breaking, wondering if it will shatter

Holding on by a thread that seems in tatters

Each day seems to bring new heartache

Longsuffering, not letting go for her own sake

A mystery is the best laid course

Ride in like the savior on the white horse

Save the day, redeem the forgotten girl

My plans slowly, painfully unfurl

Slay the dragon surrounding my princess

My sword has no direction so aimless

Unable to slay what I cannot see

My princess, inside herself so lonely

Sword in my hand

Ready to take my stand

My sword and my heart seem to fail

My stance seems in comparison too frail

Yet, I will somehow hold on through the perilous night

Until the day brings hope and shines its light

I will slay the enemy that holds her in distress

Save the hostage, free the princess

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letter to "Juliet"

"I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me! A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand!"

In my heart I hold her dear

Yet her pain fills me with fear

I want to help her and ease her struggle

Yet I always seem to drop in this juggle

I feel stretched so thin

Hard to find the hurting girl within

She has her life, I have hopes

Strangers in sense, just learning the ropes

Wanting so badly to build confidence

Undo some heartache, return to innocence

I feel so stupid to help her even if she would let

She feels invincible her mind is set

I find myself grasping to find

A simple way to her heart and mind

Holding on to a girl who wants to let go

A shakespearean tragedy we are tossed to and fro

A way to love her to let her see?

She is part of my heart, a part of me

Oh, how her pain fills me with fear

Yet in my heart I hold her so dear

I will fight on for her life and love

And pray for some help to come from above

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kingdom of God

Is God's kingdom a beautiful forever?
Only to be seen when soul and body sever
When souls leave earth to become anew
And slip to heavens gates and ushered through
There singing God's praise for a thousand years
A radiating perfect God wipes all of our tears

Is God's kingdom seen in His smallest creation?
A tiny beating heart in mothers womb, her hearts elation?
God knitting in mothers womb, His promise of life
All the days ordained, yet even moments of strife
A new life God loves yet a mother would scorn
As He protects and nurtures a blessing is born

God's kingdom demonstrated with a life of servitude and praise When man lives to love Him all of his meager days
As God's creation tells of His amazing love
God inscribes names in the Book of Life above
Miracles occur and account of His glory
God's wonder shown in each life's story

God's kingdom was indeed not of this earth
And not on the cross with His last breath
King of the Jews inscribed as He waited to die
While few loyal below did lament and cry
His kingdom touches all above and below
It touches the sun rising and setting on the horizon
Even as night's death gives way to sun rising
A broken curse of death and sin
God's kingdom is also found there within

God's kingdom hopes not a soul should perish
Each one loved, each heart He does cherish
What is that one thing? That one lost sheep
That He holds close to His heart He does keep
Indeed God's kingdom touches all
Yet God desires not one should fall
It touches hearts and brings the lost home
Each one lost sheep nevermore should roam
Safe in God's arms at home with a King
A thousand more years His praises to sing